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Welcome to Diabetic Food Services. Our diabetic meals are prepared to help you stabilize your blood glucose levels and maintain your healthy diabetic lifestyle. Diabetic Food Services meals are perfectly measured with low-sodium, low-carb and reduced calorie portions. They are nutritionally balanced by our food experts, naturally low in fat from extra lean protein and oven or microwave ready in minutes.

Select from our broad range of delicious fresh-frozen diabetic meals ideally produced for persons with type 2 diabetes who want to treat themselves while losing weight and building a healthier diabetic lifestyle. Our meals are designed to be supplemented with grocery items like veggies, fruit, dairy and protein into your daily diet. You must retrain yourself to recognize what a proper portion size looks like, and what  diabetic food items must be present on your plate. You can eat 3-5 times per day to help stabilize your blood glucose levels.

Please contact us Toll-Free (855-274-6688) to discuss our products and services.
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